• ♥ when jimin gets sick when jimin gets sick everyone worries– but none really tell. but they show. oh, how they show.
  • kiss, kiss taehyung likes a lot of things, but above all else, he likes kisses.
  • short change hero in a world where people have been reduced to nothing but the primitive versions of themselves, gangs ready to wreak havoc at the mere mention of water or reusable energy sources, namjoon wakes up in an unknown basement.
  • behind closed doors back at the dorm, the boys don't have to hide their feelings.
  • untitled everyone was growing increasingly frustrated inside their dorm
  • not what they think bangtan takes care of each other, just not in the ways most people would expect.
  • ♥ brotherhood seven boys, hundreds of roads, a single adventure. a chance for a few of them to enjoy the last of their fleeting childhoods before adulthood starts to take over t...
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  • ♥ before i let you walk - you gotta sh... on the first day of yoongi’s heat, namjoon and donghyuk are startled by three sharp knocks on their door.
  • ♥ creeping in the streetlight twenty minutes after missing the last bus home, yoongi walked through the quiet city streets and wondered if his life could actually be a cheap horror movie. he felt eyes watching him and couldn't fight a shiver. apparently, the answer was yes.
  • yeah, i'm the trend - yeah we're the cul... when the money for their mixtape runs dry, yoongi and namjoon do the only thing they can do. no, not selling organs. the other thing. it goes catastrophically, as expected.
  • ♥ six to nine - we'll play the game namjoon expected a lot of things when he called a sexline one night as a dare. yoongi was not one of them.
  • min yoongi, rap wife truth was, most of the time yoongi felt like he was married to namjoon.
  • talk is cheap there were many instances in hoseok’s life when he regretted ever getting out o...
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  • magnetic pull jeon jeongguk is doing a keg stand and it’s kind of scary because no one should be able to consume that much alcohol at one time, but somehow it strikes jimin as being the most graceful, stunning, beautiful thing he has ever seen in his entire life.
  • swings jungkook and jimin make a deal on the playground swings.
  • ♥ of thunderstorm and dehydration jungkook was struck by lightning.
  • this summer's crazy, man jungkook is cool, calm and confident, and jimin is sick of it.
  • what's in a name "what's in a name? that which we call a rose by any other name would smell as sweet," crook recites. "what the heck did you just say?" three inquires. "it's from an old western play. it's forbidden to read it here. sugar hacked to get it but i don't think it understands love.
  • ♥ the ocean at the end of the universe... it's hard to find just one person in a sea of stars.
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  • infinity on high for his first year of university, jungkook expects sex. if he was honest with himself, it's one of the things he looked forward to. what he doesn't expect, is to become fuck buddies with the first person he hooks up with.
  • ♥ rich bitch when you make six figures a year, valentino isn't that big of a deal.
  • breathing underwater taehyung meets jungkook on an impromptu summer road trip to busan.
  • ♥ my world only has you in it when taehyung signed on at BTS entertainment, he just thought he'd start getting laid a lot more. then he films with jeon jeongguk.
  • ♥ queenfish jungkook is a merman who curses like a sailor and taehyung is a marine biologist who scuba dives in his free time.
  • pull me down into your depths - keep me ... jeon jeongguk has two problems. problem numero uno: his asshat of a co-pilot kim taehyung. problem number two: this reoccurring nightmare where he drowns in the de...
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  • detonate me, granulate me - kill me like... the year is 5191. scientists from the paradisus institute have discovered ways to fuse animal DNA to humans, creating a new race of hybrids.
  • ♥ magnolia "because you’re special jungkookie. you have two people to find when you grow older."
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  • test drive hoseok had just gone to piss and splash water on his hot face, filmed in residual sweat and a new sheen of it from drinking. but then namjoon caught the door to the single stall restroom in his hand, and unnecessarily slipped in after him.
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  • trip easy and bobby wants to say, no, not everyone. just the both of you.
  • it happened one night aka, the one where jinhwan is in the middle of a b.i./bobby sandwich.
  • closer, closer jinhwan and bobby share more than what people know.
  • come in from the cold bobby strips off his boxers the second jinhwan turns off the camera. he also has a thing for touching butts.
  • i see you shining your way space makes everything better.
  • let me take you there kind of a skater au.
  • 11 o'clock - the curtains are closed "have you ever thought about it?” bobby asks with no preamble, not that it matters. jinhwan has a worrying ability of knowing what bobby’s thinking at most times without having to ask.
  • touch the sky he stays because bobby’s eyeliner is smudged around his eyes and every so often jinhwan’s breath will hiccup and it’s all hanbin’s fault, so he stays.
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  • ♥ the raven boys every year, blue sargent stands next to her clairvoyant mother as the soon-to-be dead walk past. blue herself never sees them—not until this year, when a boy emerges from the dark and speaks directly to her. his name is gansey, and blue soon discovers that he is a rich student at aglionby, the local private school. blue has a policy of staying away from aglionby boys. known as raven roys, they can only mean trouble.
  • ♥ blue lily, lily blue
  • ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥ the dr... /// all by maggie stiefvater
  • carry on simon snow just wants to relax and savor his last year at the watford school of magicks, but no one will let him. his girlfriend broke up with him, his best friend is a pest, and his mentor keeps trying to hide him away in the mountains where maybe he’ll be safe. simon can’t even enjoy the fact that his roommate and longt...
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  • ♥ heated namjoon discovers a cure for jimin's bad habit of putting all the blame on himself, or at least, the beginnings of a cure.
  • keep sucking, get all this dick landing himself in detention turns out to be the best part of jimin's day.
  • 15.01.14 its been a year huh, namjoon thinks as his memories flashes back to this exact date a year back.
  • last first kiss let me be your last first kiss.
  • it's for charity - i swear kim namjoon hosts a candy kissing booth for charity. park jimin signs up.
  • when insanity hits jimin didn’t expect a lot of things, one of them being an apocalypse, and another being what would happen during it.
  • easy to mess with jimin has a crush on namjoon.
  • makes me breathe jimin goes to namjoon whenever he’s horny, because namjoon always lets him suck his cock.
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  • ♥ king of carrot flowers a boy runs into a flowerfield.
  • rivals kim taehyung is the setter for park jimin's rival team. he's annoyingly good at volleyball, and he's annoyingly pretty.
  • ♥ you were my versailles at night the day jimin met taehyung for the first time was, conveniently, the hottest day of that summer, and also the first day of summer camp.
  • baby i'm the one - and you're the only o... jimin really likes taehyung's dog, and taehyung really has little tact.
  • three centimeters three centimeters. that was the height difference between him and taehyung. but maybe the difference wasn't too bad.
  • hold me tight - hug me aka the five times taehyung spells jimin's name wrong and the one time he doesn't.
  • can you trust me? it’s only been a few weeks since they started experimenting beyond the realms of friendship, but there's a first time for everything.
  • it's in the stars jimin was quite annoyed, as this was the...
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  • ♥ one nocturnal son of a gun i know i'm young, but if i had to choose him or the sun / i'd be one nocturnal son of a gun.
  • play the game yoongi and hoseok get paired together for a class project.
  • blanket stains it’s on the trip back from busan when it happens, hoseok’s hand burning hot through the material of yoongi’s jeans, his lips pressing against the auburn haired idol’s neck. but they have to be quiet, because the other members were only a few mere meters away.
  • ♥ how it starts hoseok gets stuck in stage mode. yoongi takes him in carefully, eyes sweeping over him with close attention. hoseok's stomach swoops a bit. yoongi clears his throat before he asks lowly, "is that what you want, hoseok? to be quiet, for me? do you think you can do that?"
  • ♥ peaceful in the deep "it's really important that you learn self-control, don't you think, hoseok?" he ...
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  • a hundred and one jung hoseok had been a hundred and one people. park jimin had only been two.
  • look here - don't run away hoseok wants to give jimin everything. jimin has never been the best at receiving. questionable things happen underneath a blanket while jeongguk makes them watch iron man and hoseok has a lot of feelings.
  • a$$ - on my worst behaviour jimin's got an ass that won't quit and doesn't hoseok know it.
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  • i will deliver - you know i'm a forgiver... it's up to boys like donghyuk to break in the boys like hoseok. (supreme boi/hoseok)
  • ♥ father, forgive me - these are all m... heaven, for the lack of a better word, looks magical. some might assume that it consists of nothing but pearly white, soft clouds and angels floating around playing the harp, and to a certain extent, that is true. angels do enjoy playing the harp, as well as the flute, but they don’t float on clouds. in reality, heaven is a complex of countless sleek, white buildings, a city that reaches into infinity and knows no boundaries, and much like any other metropolis, it’s a busy place. in this heaven, jung hoseok has a job. a job that he’s keen on executing flawlessly. (supreme boi/hoseok)
  • you look so seattle - but you feel so LA... hoseok can never be quite sure, where he and donghyuk stand. (supreme boi/hoseok)
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  • ♥ galaxys♡ "we all have those memories that don't end even when everything is over. some call that critical error. others call it human existence."
  • your body, my body - we'll love it seokjin finds a USB at the library and forgets to turn it in to the lost & found. jimin decides they should look at its contents to find its owner.
  • ♥ watchers of the eternal flame jimin goes to rio de janeiro to live his passion. he leaves rio de janeiro having found his dream.
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