"and when she finally let go,she was her own muse𖦹༄"

moments of january ❊

  • being otp with fal on new years, letting everything go before writing down everything we felt
  • taking that first everything shower off the head (IT HIT)
  • going to the gym with tatchana and laughing our asses off as old ladies came for us in zumba
  • finally feeling like myself again
  • having to sit in the trunk of the car LMAOOO
  • goin bowling with naika and nelly <3
  • falling (a lot) in love with roller skating
  • using my camcorderrrrr
  • dakota taking us to chipotle and us going on a side quest LMAO
  • Ross haul, 49 cent tops???
  • taking off my first ever waistbeads after a whole yearrrr
  • painting the whole house
  • falling in love with my classes
  • made new jewelry pieces
  • raising four baby penguins (aka being a single mom who works two jobs and loves her kids and never stops)
  • FINALLY letting go ♡
jan 30 2024 ∞
feb 2 2024 +