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let's make this one life of ours an awesome one for the sake of ourselves.

—— january

    • posse do lula, organized my closet, bought clothes for work, spent time with my family, went back to são paulo, spent way too much money, my former coworkers complimented my work, went out to eat with friends (a lot went wrong but we still had fun), ice cream on a rainy day, tour guide to my friend for a day, walked to the park by myself.

—— february

    • wanted to kms because of college, bar with friends and greasy food, yet to come at the cinema, 2521 rewatch with my friends, went to the movies by myself for the first time to watch titanic, met the same boy on the train twice (now four times?), started physical 100 with my parents, karaokê da leticia, i have the worst teacher in the world, watched anastasia: the musical and wore my new red dress for the first time.

—— march

    • anxious as hell, porto gelato, eeaao best picture, dad's birthday, new college semester, watching movies for class.

—— april

    • miffy bedsheets, mandatory internship at the public school, got tickets for woodz, tried out new korean restaurant and new cafeteria in the neighborhood, academic stress, my first orchestra concert (osesp x ncpa), otto's 7th birthday, new pair of converse shoes. shock, grief, sadness. the moon has gone up to the sky.

—— may

    • 1940s coffee house, ecobag, day off from work, cold, dinner and movie with lara, mothers' day, worry and sadness. guided visitors at uni for a morning, daily public transportation stress, parque da aclimação, home-cooked oysters, hating on xo kitty.

—— june

    • college stress, group project stress, book fair, the eras tour ticketing war, bts 10th anniversary, my spotify account was hacked, small break from the internship, staying up to write papers, my cousin's graduation ceremony, haircut at a new salon.

—— july

    • my parents came to visit, almost 24h without power at home, woodz concert!!!, met my online friends in person, walked around and had wine and snacks, watched barbie, speak now tv from the vault on repeat. lost a loved family member.

—— august

    • cold and rainy days, family gathering, got sick, my 22nd birthday, dinner and karaoke with my friends, anxiety about changing jobs, 'interns day' at the office, attending classes for the mandatory internship.

—— september

    • visiting a small bookstore in our neighborhood, instituto butantã, walk at the beach, vegan chinese food, olivia's 4th birthday, students strike at uni, crying because of missed chances, last days at my internship and saying goodbye to the team, feeling appreciated and loved, watched iu at the movie theater, got sick again, haircut, helping middle schoolers with review lessons.

—— october

    • great grandma's 93rd birthday, first day at my new internship, halloween party and dressing up as evelyn wang, buying beads to make bracelets for the taylor concert, work gossip, dinner at the korean pub, feeling lonely and tired and regretful, missing my friends who are abroad, 1989 tv.

—— november

    • making bracelets and looking for a concert outfit, looking forward to twinkling watermelon episodes, spent a lot more than planned at the book fair, unbearably hot days, the eras tour concert!!!, uni presentation, stress, getting up to four hours of sleep at night...

—— december

    • end of semester anxiety and stress, loneliness, lack of sleep, growing as an editor, my cousin's wedding, went to the movies by myself, going to my parents' house, christmas celebrations, walk on the beach, meeting friends on a hot summer day, blue nails
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