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  • ivory-coloured, marshmallow-textured and sweet-smelling roses on the campus at work
  • my new nfl philadelphia eagles tshirts
  • a dream about meeting ella risbridger again, she with a great group of her friends and her 3rd cookbook out, already in paperback, which had a section about her alphabet kitchen towel and a list of recipes to cook along the alphabet with (something with tamales? something with rhubarb?), i was super nervous, even in the dream, and it was all between bookshelf aisles, like at a bookshopping spree (in one aisle there was also reduced playmobil one could buy, an owl to paint with fluorescent paint)
  • my new gen z chic clunky sandals
  • two evermore bonus tracks i didn't know before!
  • perfectly sunny weather, blue skies and a light breeze
  • princess potatoes (Herzoginkart√∂ffelchen)
  • a new Ali Hazelwood novel! Hedgizabeth Bennet the hedgehog, Millicent the matriarch
  • i dreamed about going to a taylor swift concert, but what i thought was the empty early merch line turned out to be the selection process for her personal influencers (a pelican played a role in my creative suggestion) and she personally chose and thanked us
jun 3 2023 ∞
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