I got a little carried away... The picture is how the girls and guys dress.

New Doll: Cassia Boyfriend: Kai Older Brother: Oliver Little Sister: Talulah Cassia's Friends: Scarlett, Lola, Melody, Ever, Novalee and Delaney. Kai's Friends: Greyson, Flynn, Jude, Micah, Koda, and Nathaniel "Nate".

Girls: Cassia - Short red hair, pale skin, freckles and green eyes. Talulah - Long red hair, pale skin, glasses and green eyes. Scarlett - Dyed long bright red hair, olive skin, Monroe piercing and blue eyes. Lola - Fluorescent pixie pink hair, tan skin, really short in height and dark eyes. Melody - Long straight black hair, Asian heritage, really tall and dark eyes. Ever - Long dark brown hair, pale skin, cat eye glasses and blue eyes. Novalee - Medium-length wavvy light brown hair, dark skin, nose piercing and light green eyes. Delaney - Bob-length blonde hair, tan...

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This is my 'free love' family with lots of babies.

Father: Forest Stone Mother: Laurel Ivy Son: Heath Dusty Son: Flint Garnet Daughter: Ember Fern Daughter: Fawn Hazel Daughter: Jade Linnet Daughter: Magnolia Pearl - Twin Daughter: Poppy Marigold - Twin Son: Hawke Thorn Daughter: Olive Peony Son: Sage Ash Daughter: Rowan Sable Daughter: Spring Skye - Quadruplet Daughter: Stormy Sahara - Quadruplet Daughter: Summer Star - Quadruplet Daughter: Sunny Sierra - Quadruplet Son: Clay Birch Daughter: Viola Willow Daughter: Zinnia Scarlet

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  • Arabelle Raine
  • Ava Marie
  • Avery Lynne
  • Autumn Jolene
  • Delaney Brooke
  • Ellowyn Stella (Ello)
  • Emme McKenzie
  • Evie Freya
  • Isla Charlotte
  • Ivy Emerence
  • Josephine Odette (Josie)
  • Kassidy Prose
  • Katherine Annabelle (Kit)
  • Keesa Ivette
  • Lila Esme
  • Lily Rowen
  • Livi Airen
  • Lulu Dakota
  • Luna Paige
  • Milly Fleur
  • Nora Grace
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Full Name: 6. Flora Elizabeth Jane Your occupation: College Professor Your car: Chose not to drive, take bus or taxi every where. Your fiancé: VCO - Vincent Cedric Oliver We met at a book store, when I couldn't reach a book on a shelf and he got it down for me. We met a couple times at that same book store, and until one day he handed me a book with a note saying "Wanna go get coffee?" We went on a couple dates then we officially got together. He has dark hair curly hair, green eyes, height of 6'2" and he had a lean build. His hands are very large, and he always engulfs mine when we walk hand in hand. He works as a wedding photography and free lance photographer. I met his family two months after we started dating and they loved me. His mom is very sweet, his dad is soft spoken and his three little brothers drive Vincent crazy. His heritage is English, German, Russian, and Portuguese. He...

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Oh lawd. This will be good.

Father: Flynn Sebastian Mother: Jasmine Tiana 1st Daughter: Amelia Belle2nd Daughter: Ariel Bianca3rd Daughter: Penny Merida4th Daughter: Charlotte "Lotte" Nakoma5th Daughter: Aurora Audrey6th Daughter: Alice Colette7th Daughter: Wendy Jane8th Daughter: Cinderella "Ella" Snow9th Daughter: Flora Giselle10th Daughter: Olivia Rosie11th Daughter: Violet Willow12th Daughter: Lilo Marian

Movies used in order: The Aristocats, Beauty and the Beast, The Little Mermaid, The Rescuers Down Under, The Rescuers, Brave, Princess and the Frog, Pocahontas, Sleeping Beauty, Atlantis the Lost Empire, Alice in Wonderland, Ratatouille, Peter Pan, Tarzan, Cinderella, Snow White, Sleeping Beauty, Enchanted, The Great Mouse Detective, A Bug's Life, The Incredibles, Pocahontas, Lilo & Stitch, and Robin Hood.

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  • Alec Hawley
  • Baron Mitchell
  • Cael William
  • Cedric Hunter
  • Craig Michael
  • Dashiell Grey
  • Deacon Isreal
  • Declan Zander
  • Devlin Jeremiah
  • Duston Leopold
  • Easton Gabriel
  • Fletcher Dawson
  • Flynn Rylan
  • Grant Bennett
  • Greyson Cole
  • Harrison Dale
  • Hollis Frederick
  • Ian Zachariah
  • Jude Garett
  • Kai Viktor
  • Kaeden Spencer
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  • Eden Berry
  • Tegan Rose
  • Sage Ever
  • Laurel Avery


  • Coralie Winter
  • Eden Bailey
  • Laurel Ever
  • Flora Melody
  • Lyra Jane
  • Kyla Pearl
  • Harper Louise
  • Clara Aubrey
  • Florence Adele
  • Primrose Scarlett


  • Coralie Winter
  • Florence Adele "Flora"
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  • Girls:





  • Boys:







Archer Scott Willis #254

River Willis #242

Thatcher Willis #104

Silas Willis #120

Fletcher Willis #326

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Novella Rose

Prose Lilliana

Snow Persephone

Wynn Alaska

Clary Sailor

Rini Linette

Beckett "Becks" Ariel

Tuesday Lorelei

November "Nova" Grace

Jubilee Arissa


Poet Jameson

Rook Xavier

Quillian "Quill" Prescott

Alcide Monroe

Finnick "Finn" Jasper

Rylan Jude

Auden Maxwell

Thorin Jacob

Remus Kellen

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  • Weston Julian
  • Warren Thrasher
  • Everett James
  • Milo Scott
  • Flynn Kingsley
  • Quinn August
  • Holden Thatcher
  • Declan Jude
  • River Ezekiel
  • Finnian "Finn" Sutton
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