• I speak jibberish, fluently.
    • I speak french also, but it'll be a while before i'm fluent.
  • I try really hard in school and most of the time it pays off, but i still come off looking like an idiot occasionally.
    • especially when it comes to history, politics, and math.
  • Journalism honestly is the only thing that gets me through school. Oddly enough I like being stressed out for it, along with everyone else on staff, otherwise we wouldn't do it.
  • I look up to my sister way more than I should.
    • She has her flaws just like everyone else but I made it a personal demand not to follow in her footsteps, and I didn't, and...
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  • your friends will not last forever.
    • everyone has a breaking point, but some friendships are stronger than others. you never find out who your true friends are until you loose the one you thought would last forever.
  • __Everything happens for a reason.__(stolen from kelsey, but shes right.)
    • whether you like it or not.
  • The only guarentee in life is that things change.
    • the best way to deal with that is to take advantage of every oppurtunity you possibly can before you don't get the chance.
  • Social class really has no relevance after high school
    • So just live your life and do what you wa...
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  • College Applications (so far)
    • Penn State - apply online/pick one.
    • UMBC - apply online - Nov.1 - DO THIS.
    • University of Maryland - apply online/Nov.1
    • Harford Community College
      • Send!
    • Towson - Dec.1 Honors College
    • Albright College
      • ?
  • Go on ULTIPRO
      • Register for classes!
        • Week 3+4 due friday.
  • Tuesday - SAT ? of the Day for PRECALCULA...
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  • my friends, first and for most. without them, pretty sure i'd hate school entirely.
  • Journalism. yup, huge perk haha.
    • the newspaper is pretty much the best part about our school. haha
  • oh and we broadcast our announcements live, which is epic.
  • we have a big focus on athletics.
    • but its not overbaring and we still manage to have exceptional students who are also exceptional athletes.
  • Majority of the teachers are really cool and we're lucky to have them
  • we have nearly 10 minutes to get each class. i mean come on! lol
  • there's always something new happening. its not boring whatsoever.
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  • start applying for scholarships and attempt to afford to go to school. oh my lord.
  • make as many movies as possible for video editing and for yourself. word.
    • monster ball tour Born This Way first live performance...
    • ZOMBIE MOVIE? oh my.
    • new morning announcements intro =)
    • Bandit, Badger, Bear, Lucky, Munchkin, Ernie, Peaches, Fish
    • all of the wonderful children in my life
    • college. ugh haha
  • be happy that you do not have to work anymore until summer. yay.
  • be nicer and more appreciative. tell people you love them if you do. don't dwell on the friends that don't make you happy A...
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  • Tennis.
    • Basically what my life revolves around. I play for the Baltimore Tennis patrons right now. And we rock.
    • I've been playing for 6 years.
  • Journalism.
    • Started my sophohmore year, been in love with it ever since.
    • Now i write for my school paper.
  • French club.
    • doesn't take up much of my time, but its fun and educational. Definitely something i'm persueing in college, so its beneficial.
  • Swimming.
    • never really went out for a team or anything, but in the summer i swim everyday.
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