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girl in her twenties who has yet to fall down a hole and discover a wondrous world. Enjoys making lists, chewing her bottom lip, and pinching the skin on other people's elbows. Has an extreme fear of spiders.

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  • Conch pierced at 6g
  • Double nostrils
  • Daith
  • Navel
  • Philtrum
  • VCH
  • Christina (?)
  • Septum
  • Tragus


  • Finish chest piece
  • Brandi Milne piece
  • Gardening/plants/animals (strawberries, blueberries, blackberries, chickens, marigolds, currants) half sleeve
  • Rat (the cat) portrait piece
  • Totoro piece with Caro [?]
  • LSP / Turtle princess [Lumpy Space Prince] on feet
feb 8 2014 ∞
jul 22 2014 +
  • Steel captive 14g 3/8"
  • Steel captive 14g 7/16"
  • Steel captive 14g 5/16"
  • Steel Lip Stud Labret 14g 5/32"~4mm with 3mm ball
  • Labret retainer(s) 14g 5/16"
  • Steel labret 14g 3/8" x3
  • Poor persons stretching kit 8g, 6g, 4g
    • Acrylic taper x1 (each kit)
    • Steel plugs x2 (each kit)
  • Stretching kit (ALL STEEL) 14g, 12g, 10g
    • Steel taper x1 (each kit)
    • Steel plugs x2 (each kit)
  • Steel pinchers 14g 1/2" x2
  • Steel spirals 2g x2
  • Steel single flared tunnels/eyelets 2g x2
  • Acrylic plug orange 12g
  • Flexible labret Black 14g 3/8"
feb 8 2010 ∞
jul 17 2011 +
  • Nanny calling the homosexual boy at Long John Silvers a 'faggot' without realizing it.
  • Nanny backing into a pole at a car lot.
  • Attempting to play baseball/softball and badminton in her backyard.
  • Being nanny's 'petbaby.'
  • Random errand trips with nanny.
  • Nanny buying me cool clothes every school year without me picking them out and everyone at school thinking I had a cool grandma (hellz yeah!)
  • Nanny reads horror/thriller/mystery books like me!
  • Going to see How to Lose a Guy In 10 Days with nanny.
  • Teaching nanny how to StumbleUpon and getting her addicted.
  • Nanny knocking one of my loose teeth out and me going nuts.
  • Rice Krispies at nanny's!
  • Paw catching Blackie (our black bob taile...
sep 27 2008 ∞
sep 29 2008 +
  • Cheshire cat in tree on my side (drawn by me) OR Alice + Cheshire cat by Brandi Milne
  • Elvis chest piece with the lyric 'hard headed (woman)' (drawn by me)
  • Unicorn on my hip
    • I want this to be a mother/daughter tattoo, so I must drag mom to a tattoo shop and get this doneeeeeeee
  • "(A) Hiccup in paradise" on my lowerback
  • Lines on my wrist (possibly with the lyric "The lines I wear around my wrist are there to prove that I exist" in an uber small font)
oct 5 2008 ∞
jul 22 2014 +
  • Dance with me baby, let me hear your voice / Oh if I didn't wanna fall for you I never had a choice / Smear the makeup on my face / run your fingers through my hair / I can not keep my heart from you and I don't even care / Yeah, you turn me inside out / You make me shake and I can't stop / You give new meaning to drop dead gorgeous / And I'm about to drop -Showbread, "Oh! Emetophobia!"
  • There is no flaw in you, there is no sun on your skin / Where have you been all of my life? / I hear a lizard tongue above my head / Will you be my wife? -Showbread, "Your Owls Are Hooting"
  • Skin and bones and things that make my heart beat / My possession my obsession, everything to me / The sound of your voice and all your fingertips / Is like a bible verse spilling right across your lips -Showbread, "Your Owls Are Hooting"
  • Now that you’re here I feel a presence that I didn’t before / I feel your love I feel the warmth I’m feeling so much ... -Showbread, "Your Owls Are Hooting"
oct 5 2008 ∞
oct 5 2008 +
  • Mole on my left side of my face next to my nose
  • Chicken pox scar under my left eyebrow
  • Freckle on the upper left part of my forehead
  • Lip piercing in the center
  • Ears pierced twice each; 10-11mm, 18g
  • Freckle on my right earlobe near my second pierced hole
  • One freckle on the right side of my neck
  • Below the freckle is a mole
  • Below the mole is a freckle
  • Four-ish freckle-mole things on my chest right below my neck
  • Mole on the inside of my right arm near my armpit
  • Two freckles in the bend of my right arm
  • Freckle on my index finger of my right hand
  • Mole a couple of inches above my belly button
sep 29 2008 ∞
jul 22 2014 +
  • NC
  • TN
  • VA
  • MO
  • DC
sep 26 2008 ∞
sep 26 2008 +
  • Moved -- 5th grade
  • Graduated High School -- 2006
  • Sneaked out to see a boy -- 2005
  • Was given a 'promise' ring -- 2003/2004(?)
  • Spent Christmas with a boyfriend -- 2004
  • Went to MO -- 2004
  • Spent the night in a hotel room alone with a boy -- 2004
  • Ate at a Waffle House -- 2004
  • Fell in love -- 2005
  • Went to DC -- 2008
  • Went to VA -- 2008
  • Wasn't the first girl I know to get married -- 2007
  • Didn't marry the first person who asked -- 2005
  • Wasn't a preggo teenager!!!
  • Got my drivers permit -- 2007
  • Met someone from the internet -- 2005
  • Concerts -- 2005
sep 26 2008 ∞
jul 22 2014 +
dec 9 2008 ∞
jul 22 2014 +
  • A cloud hangs over this city by the sea, / I watch the ships pass and wonder if she might be, / Out there and sober as a well for loneliness, / Please do persist girl its time we met and made, a mess -"Anna-Molly," Incubus
  • Wish you were here, / I'm a wounded satellite, / I need you now put me back together make me right -"Anna-Molly," Incubus
  • Sometimes when I'm alone, I wonder / Is there a spell that I am under / Keeping me from seeing the real thing? -"Love Hurts," Incubus
  • You and I are like oil and water / And we've been trying, trying trying / Ohhhh, to mix it up. -"Oil And Water," Incubus
  • Babe, this wouldn't be the first time, / it will not be the last time. -"Oil And Water," Incubus
  • We were trying to believe that everything would get better. / We've been lying to each other / Hey! Babe! Let's just call it what it is! / Oil and Water! / Oil and Water! / Oil and Water! -"Oil And Water," Incubus
oct 17 2008 ∞
oct 17 2008 +
  • Living in a trailer park until I was ten years old.
    • I was made fun of in 3rd grade by a girl who I later befriended and became best friends with.
  • Being best friends with Michelle, Tracy, and Asia.
  • Attending William Lenoir Middle School not knowing anyone there and making (and breaking) various friendships.
  • The house fire that caused me to lose everything (my entire room was destroyed).
    • Losing my cat in that fire. We got Precious when I was two, the fire occurred when I was 10 or 11.
  • Began drawing.
  • Being diagnosed with depression when I was in 7th/8th grade and being put on Zoloft and having counseling weekly.
oct 5 2008 ∞
sep 3 2009 +


  • Disco Duck Package
    • H-10012
    • Released: 1976(?)


oct 1 2008 ∞
oct 1 2008 +
  • Eternal unhappiness
  • I will never get married
  • I will never be with someone who can fight the urge to cheat on me or leave me for someone else
  • Deaths of those I am close to
  • Deaths of my grandparents
  • Death of my cat Rat
  • Feet
  • Heights
  • Spiders
  • I will have kidney disease when I'm older requiring kidney dialysis.
  • Logging trucks
  • Being overweight
  • Bees
  • Insanity
  • Getting pregnant
  • Being pregnant
  • Childbirth
  • Ovarian cancer
sep 19 2008 ∞
oct 1 2008 +