i'm viola or vio for short, someone between a vn reader and an all-that-life-has-to-offer fan. i use she/they pronouns

i'm a 18 year old who is interested in reading and translating, so i'm thinking of becoming a translator in the future!

i post mostly in russian, since it's my native tongue, but i don't mind conversations in english and would be really happy if you wanted to contact me even if i may make some grammatical mistakes.

as always, welcome!!

jun 29 2020 ∞
sep 1 2022 +

i gain and lose interest in things fairly quickly, but i know about a lot of stuff, so maybe we have something in common

- mahou shoujo (precure, ojamajo doremi)

- visual novels (koshotengai no hashihime, taiali and many more)

- etherane's works

- twisted wonderland

- pokemon (sun&moon, b&w)

- kenji miyazawa's stories

- love for time loops

- anime and manga in general

i am also happy to talk about things i'll list here, but i don't bring them up as much as those listed before:

im@s (sideM, shinymas and mirishita) - oofuri - otome games - 999 - .hack//Sign

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jun 30 2022 +

here's a bunch of places where you can find me!

☆ twitter ---> __mon_panache ☆

★ shikimori ---> шарль ★

☆ vk ---> id223024831 ☆

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mar 31 2022 +

so! i have a trigger that i'd be thankful if you tagged:

– chasing after someone from behind

i vent from time to time and might delete some of my tweets or account in general, but i usually warn about that beforehand. also! i might be spacing out during conversations, but i'm all for making friends and will try to manage that. may rt a lot sometimes

don't have a specific dni, but block freely

feb 6 2021 ∞
jul 27 2021 +

- rei kiriyama (3-gatsu no lion)

- sakuya sakuma (A3!)

- professor (hashihime)

- yugi mutou (yu-gi-oh)

- otoha (H2O)

- kiyonosuke nosato (raging loop)

- nichika nanakusa (shinymas)

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mar 31 2022 +