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  • unfamiliar places and hours of subway exploration
  • prom night and too drunk to function
  • OHL games and being smiled at by a cute Russian hockey player
  • movie nights and "kind of tipsy" cuddles
  • carnivals and cotton candy
  • fireworks and bevvies in truck beds
  • football players and midnight swims
  • new friends and snow squalls
  • strawb margs and the cute waiter's tattoo
  • on my bed getting high with new and old friends
  • closing down smokes poutine, cuddles with friends, and not going to bed until 6am
  • drunk in Jerusalem market, hockey boys, dancing, compliments on my dress and lipstick
  • rain in the desert, and up too late with new friends
  • 25, kissing J, beer pong with good friends, rap songs with the word birthday
  • small acts of chaos at an NYE party, renaming the guests, knowing cool people
  • trashed with M, ferry docks at 4am, texting T the whole time, good jazz and telling the singer she's hot
  • drunk dancing in a Buffalo bar, Philly boys, good weed
  • dive bars and singing along with the super cute acoustic guitar/harmonica boy playing classic rock
  • snuggling and kissing until midnight, RuPaul's Drag Race, i think i love her
  • everybody's birthday, my community, heart so full
feb 26 2013 ∞
oct 6 2022 +