• ponyo new year, i love working w patrick, reading in whole foods,vegan sushi, jamie bday gelato
  • called in sick, slept all day, bought glue stick for journal, poor things with syd, singing in the cold home
  • sleep in, hazy day, self-care, healing, all the time in the world
  • spoke spanish w/ guest and was understood, workplace drama, bagels, falling asleep immediately, rest soon
  • work son got me coffee, really busy day, won another giftcard, exhaustion is setting in, watched criterion film, got too high
  • slow asf day, riddles and drawing astrology animals, alex jones impressions, mean children, spiteful cooking
  • last day of r*m holidays, trying to keep warm, started cemetery boys, might’ve food poisoned myself, too much edible
  • hate early mornings, jess c gave me a sonny angel🥹,feeling yucky, bailed on plan, late nap
  • easy breezy shift,obsessed w vanderpump, wine for dinner, horrible film w gamos, early night
  • sleepyhead,did one chore,vegan lesbians kbbq date, refreshing energy, poor sleep
  • rotted in bed, dehydrated, chill work night thank god, avoid responsibility, prepped lunch
  • L3 shift we fucking WON, read cemetery boys,dumplings w/ girlies, mean girls, hell slush storm
  • politics discussion gate shift, queb accents w noah, avoiding txts, mv with the girls heals me, bts club night sillies
  • headbanging hangover, self-care day, got really high, woozi HOT, seeing god
  • EARLY START, cleaned december depression room, speedran cemetery boys, HOME TIME!!, talks with alexa in the kitchen
  • no alarm, walked w sage,blueberry muffin latte, jinan birthday dinner, relaxation
  • slept late again, chips for breakfast, binged jjk season 2, saw aunty nancy, delicious stir fry
jan 3 2024 ∞
jan 18 2024 +