• dealing with social anxiety (& learning to love myself)
    • surround yourself with people who make you feel good, who make you feel seen.
  • kim goeun interview
    • of course, it’d be great to be physically beautiful to many people's eyes, but if i try to change myself to satisfy a set standard of beauty, i feel like i'll exhaust myself. i believe everyone is beautiful in their own way.
  • storytelling through your diary
    • you can write about your life and it can be a very compelling story.
  • am i too old ??
    • fun isn't age restricted. you have time. you'll collect more experience as you continue to live your life. you've got this, and you have all the right to not got this, too.
  • bts commencement speech | dear class of 2020
    • sometimes, i’d feel restless, watching my friends go on far ahead of me… I soon realized that their pace was not my own. what held me together during those times was a promise I made with myself: “to take it slow."
  • “I have no friends” and why it’s okay
    • life can be very lonely. something that makes it more bearable is just finding things that you like doing. life is worth living with kind people. and sometimes it can take just a little tiny thing to make your day really great. your life does not depend on others. you have yourself, and that's more than enough.
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