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  • I do hope you receive a lot of fan mail for your publications and especially for keeping going strong. I came of age online and I cannot tell you how good it feels to frequent a site like Listography that has not breathlessly tried to keep up with the Joneses, Zuckerbergs, etc.
  • I was diagnosed with *** when I was 11! I sadly feel as though I have missed out on a lot of my childhood and my memory has been slightly damaged by trauma, ... sadly sometimes I forget the good memories too! I bought your books to remember the things that make me happy! I spend hours filling in the journals and remembering foods that I could once enjoy, songs that used to make me smile, shows that used to comfort me! So thank you for creating my coping mechanism! ...You have inspired me, all my love from England!
  • It’s kind of funny. I’ve bought several listography journals in the past couple years. The listography game was a favorite of my family during lockdown and the many family zoom calls. And not once did I wonder about the person behind these ideas. I’ve read all your personal essays from the notes section. I’m also Asian American, I grew up in the 70s and 80s, and I see myself and the things I’ve never confronted, in your writing. Thank you for sharing your ideas and your clever books of lists. Thank you for sharing your thoughts of growing up. If you ever write a personal memoir, I’ll be the first in line to buy it.
  • I bought the Music Listography book in 2018, filled out some of it, and then gave it to my best friend. The idea was that we'd each fill out a bit at a time and mail it back and forth to one another (we live far apart in different cities). It has been a fun, beautiful, and cathartic experience. I just wanted to share that with you and let you know that something you created has brought a lovely and very meaningful joy to two people.
  • Listography is probably my favorite social media/website, I feel like i can truly be myself here and organize my thoughts and life. I've had it since i was 16 and I'm now 21 and back when I was 18 I had this list about the remarkable moments of my years and i could see how much I've grown and learned and changed. It's so cool to see my life through lists, cause in my head it all looks so messy and somehow this helps me to organize my life, my mind, my heart.
  • I love listography. It's something I've stuck with past evernote, past all other apps and sites. I've had one since undergrad, and I sincerely believe it's helped me through law school and the bar exam. Listography was what helped me organize myself enough to finish my ridiculously long bar exam application on extremely short notice! Right now, Listography has helped me practice 43 consecutive days of yoga and counting (up to 500!), and learn Spanish as a third language. My listography isn't very exciting compared to others, but it keeps me going and I think that's really important.
  • I have so many lists, and have used Listography for years, have introduced the website and books to my friends too. I'm so thankful for your work, guys! Thank you so much for creating such a happy cozy intimate place online. I actually love that there's no like or follow count! It's refreshing!!
  • I've had a listography since undergrad. listography was what helped me organize myself enough to finish my ridiculously long bar exam application on extremely short notice! right now, listography has helped me practice 43 consecutive days of yoga and counting, and learn spanish as a third language. my listography isn't very exciting compared to others, but it keeps me going and I think that's really important. plus, I still have my old listography accounts and I still like to read stuff like, "things i'm looking for in a boyfriend" from when I was 20 haha. it's a great way to look foward—and back!
  • listography has got me through some tough times over the past few years. I discovered you guys when I was fourteen and turned twenty in just under a month, so listography has been a constant in my life all this time.
  • I'm a practicing teacher (Puerto Rico) and I apply your listography concept as a assessment for my classes. I want to thank you by your brilliant idea and let you know that your creation was used as a teaching tool.
  • Something I took up in 2015 was focus on the positive. I bought Future Listography upon the recommendation of my therapist as another tool to focus on the positive and look to my future.
  • On the plus side, it gives me something to add to my listography!
  • This Music Listography book is making me realize how much music is a part of my life.
  • For my memory problems & executive function disorder difficulties, I use Listography.
  • It's unhealthy how much I rely on It's, like, a part of my brain.
  • Bought "My Future Listography" book today and I'm going to fill it out during classes tomorrow. --oh the irony
  • Listography is making me nostalgic. A little space in cyberspace full of memories.
  • I love Listography. It's like the memory I never had.
  • Roses are red, violets are blue, listography I don't know what I'd do without you.
  • Lindsay Lohan filling out her Listography Book
  • I added "Jump through glass and film it in slow motion" to my list of life goals
  • "listography" is listed as one of my skills on my resume. Man, I love lists.
  • Just so you know, you are intensely crucial to my success at work and in life. Like, if you were a deity, I would worship you.
  • Remember when all I wanted in life was to be lovely and wonderful? Yeah, well, my listography account is a reminder of that.
  • Listography, if you knew how much of my life now revolves around your site, you'd probably get a restraining order. Please, don't though!
  • We help seriously ill children and their families cope with their illnesses through fun, entertainment and family activities. I’m a huge fan of Listography and it’s become a joke in my family about who is going to get the new book every year at Christmas. For the teens that are sick I think Future Listography would be amazing to take home – it would provide them with entertainment during their medical treatments and create a stronger sense of hope.
  • Holy s**t I just checked my listography and realized I read 81 books in 2010!
  • Found my 2010 listography agenda while cleaning out my backpack. I didn't realize my year was so successful!
  • My boyfriend found my listography wishlist and bought a jersey skater dress for my birthday last year. Best surprise ever!
  • Calling all list nerds. Come join the party!
  • This book will be something I can leave to my children. Does anyone really know their parents?
  • Listography: the best thing that has ever happened to me.
  • I give praise to listography for giving me a source to indulge my obsessions and alleviate my jumbled fears. Lists, my life, my light, my love! They give me security and certainty, order in the midst of chaos. They take my crooked disarrayed thoughts and nudge them into a neat and orderly line to be dealt with accordingly.
  • I have just received this book for my birthday. It was like it was designed especially for me and it was so touching for my friend to recognize this when she chose it for me. This book is the best birthday present I have ever received and will remain by my side till the day I die.
  • Oh Listography, what would I do without you?!
  • My best friend and I have been updating our copy of Listography and giving it back to each other every Christmas for the last 2+ years...I was just looking through it and cracking up!
  • My Listography reminded me that I haven't played Monopoly this year...This has to change.
  • My sister and I planned to have a study night tonight. Instead, she is hooked on charadium and I'm having a gay old time on Listography.
  • I was so baffled by it that I had to sort my feelings out about it thru Listography, lol.
  • I can't find my list of things that make me happy!
  • This Music Listography book is making me nostalgic.
  • I am from Argentina, part of what I call "The American Experience" my friends and I drove four hours to get to see the biggest mall in America. I did not get anything but...MUSIC LISTOGRAPHY!
  • My daughter-in-law bought me your book for Valentines Day. I love filling in my life. It brings back so many memories, some happy, some sad.
  • Listography really helped me look at the positives in my life, get a better sense of self and have a lot of fun along the way.
  • I've been diagnosed with Bipolar about seven years. I recently discovered your Listography books and have found them to be very helpful. Your books have been a stepping-stone in helping people like me do just that. It allows one to focus on a topic and then build journaling from there. I wanted to send a letter of my gratitude and bring awareness to the other ways these books are helping other people.
  • If we go for a long drive, let me sit in the backseat with my copy of Music Listography, and I promise I'll be good for the entire ride!
  • A wicked sweet book called “Listography”, and when I die, I want you to publish what I wrote in it, and by publish, I mean take it to staples, and make a few photocopies.
  • ...Lots of kids with ASD (autism spectrum disorders) LOVE making sense of things using lists.
  • Learning so much about myself while writing my Listography. Thank you!
  • Finally, no more managing post its in my purse!
  • My Listography book came in! It made today pretty damn good.
  • Currently making lists of everything I miss about home, at least food-wise.
  • When you put things out there they come true
  • Did someone on listography really just say they want to be a professional belly dancer?
  • Two books on my desk today: Ancient Gonzo Wisdom & Music Listography
  • Sitting in the mall with my best friend and filling out one of those listography books together! :]
  • Might go lye under the fairy lights and fill in some more of my listography book.
  • Caffeine doesnt usually effect me...but I had the urge to make an ABC list of my favorite girl/boy names on listography?!
  • Before joining I've never realized how fun it is to make lists.
  • My father has Alzheimers and we've had him list his favorite memories and this is something I will have to pass on to my child.
  • I've just discovered Oh internet, once again you lead me toward my spiritual home!
  • A sign that is taking over my life: gradually, all my tabs become and I don't notice.
  • Listography is harder than it sounds. Trying to force myself to be honest with myself.
  • Listography has raped my work time
  • I'm going through this "reflecting" phase in my life, especially with relationships. Just taking the time to sit down and fill this out already made me feel great. So I want to thank you.
  • Listography = my life
  • If your book got someone talking on the A train in NYC at 7:30 p.m. on a Tuesday evening, you've done something pretty great.
  • Filling out my listography book. When I become big you guys can get it on ebay.
  • Going on a list making marathon.
  • Listography is a very satisfying and cathartic process.
  • What a terrific idea and a wonderful way to walk down memory lane.
  • Listography is ruining my life.
  • I bought your 'listography' as a birthday present to myself right before my holiday trip to Asia. It was a 24 hour journey each way. While everyone else on the plane was sleeping or watching movies, I filled out half the book on my way there and half on the way back. It was the best plane trip ever!
  • Look at me be a list nerd!
  • I love listography so much that I have two accounts: one as just mine and another I share with a friend.
  • Apparently a parcel from Amazon has arrived for me. Ooo! Could be one of 3 things. Hope it's the listography book.
  • Damn you, Listography!!!
  • Listography addictionnnnnnnn.
  • Just wanted to say how much I love listography. I work at Barnes and Noble, so I have plenty of opportunity to recommend it. My friend and I send it back and forth through the mail. We of course have a very intimate understanding of each other now.
  • There are others like me!! There's a whole website for list makers!!! mwa-ha-ha!!!
  • A slow night consisting of the Dead Weather, bubble bath, listography, Filth & Wisdom, and twittering.
  • Estoy tan aburrida q estoy empezando una lista de cosas q tengo q hacer antes de cumplir 30!
  • Is crossing things off her listography list like a list crossing off demon!
  • I think random people who read my listography may know more about me than some of my friends.
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