• You must read all my posts in the Instructor Announcements folder.
  • You must look at the work of all the designers I list in the Instructor Announcements—all of them.
  • When you post your work, you must tell me about your creative process. For example, mention which designers inspired your work, or not, and which ones you liked more then the others.
  • Any additional research you do for each assignment helps and I would love to hear about it.
  • It's important that you look at the work of your fellow students in order to proceed with your work in a unique way. I look for unique work based on solid research.
  • I look for your work to push the boundaries, to be unusual.
  • Always present your work in a neat and clean and well-organized fashion.
  • Do each lesson in the order they appear.
  • Do not complete the final exam until you are sure you are finished with all of your lessons and you are not going to repost for a higher grade.
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