tropes i like

  • alpha/omega dynamics
    • even better if somehow subverted (e.g. independent, willful omega), or if the a/b/o universe explores social distinctions in a thoughtful way #sociologymajor
    • also i am big nut about heats & ruts, what about it!! i especially enjoy the intimacy of it, e.g. caretaking, wanting to be close, wanting to please
  • dominant/submissive dynamics
    • similarly, with a focus on the mutual trust & intimacy that comes with giving up control; d/s as a relief / an escape from day-to-day life
  • soulmates
    • i like the idea of people being made for each other, loving each other so deeply, [shoujo manga voice] you are my most special person
    • includes soulmate tattoos, red string of fate, etc.
    • bonus points for telepathic bonds
  • royalty + arranged marriages
    • BONUS IF IT'S ABO, i say, as if i don't have an abo royal arranged marriage au for every single otp
    • but also i enjoy the way two people come to know each other & fall in love even after the marriage... though i'd prefer it if the marriage is consummated after there are feelings established :>
  • supernatural beings
    • vampires!
    • werewolves!
    • hybrids in general!! (mostly canine/feline)
    • e.g. vampire/vampire, vampire/werewolf, werewolf/werewolf, vampire/human, werewolf/human, hybrid/hybrid
  • domestic marrieds
    • doing domestic things together, e.g. cooking (grocery shopping, baking bread, doing dishes), hanging up laundry, cuddling while watching a movie
  • mutual pining
  • size difference

writing things i like

  • careful explorations of love, including:
    • slowly falling in love with someone who you always saw as a friend; friendship deepening into love
    • we loved each other so much but not enough to make it work, but that doesn't mean we didn't love each other
    • mundane, highly specific details (the way she sits while she peels oranges, a lovingly cradled cup of coffee, etc.)
  • writing canon details into an alternate universe / reality
  • writing about a relationship but each character comes into focus so distinctly & genuinely as themselves
    • good ass characterization, basically. with distinct pov voices; sometimes it just takes a perfect detail, or bit of backstory.
  • non-chronological / circular / framed order
    • cause i only write chronological. haha!
    • i especially like tropes like groundhog day that use the non-chronological order as a plot device
  • worldbuilding that considers things from a broader sociocultural perspective, instead of just revolving around the characters

things i dislike

  • amnesia / sudden loss of memories
  • unrequited feelings
    • tbh i'm in fandom to have a good time & do not want to read anything that doesn't end up with my babies falling in love
    • for largely the same reason, i don't prefer to read character death, non-con, and other angsty things
  • infidelity / cheating is no!!
  • body swap
  • power imbalance, e.g. significant age difference
  • enemies to lovers
    • in general, i don't really prefer combative / argumentative, lovehate-esque relationships. 'tis just a personal preference!
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