"I was raised up believing I was somehow unique. Like a snowflake distinct among snowflakes, unique in each way you can see. And now after some thinking, I'd say I'd rather be a functioning cog in some great machinery serving something beyond me. But I don't, I don't know what that will be. I'll get back to you someday soon you will see"

  • Helplessness Blues, Fleet Foxes

"He was so kind, such a gentleman tied to the oceanside. Lighting a match on the suitcase's latch in the fading of night. Ruffle the fur of the collie 'neath the table, ran out the door through the dark. Carved out his initials in the bark"

  • Sim Sala Bim, Fleet Foxes

"Why fear death? Be scared of living. Our hearts are small and ever thinning. There is no hope ever of winning. So why fear death? Be scared of living"

  • Hope in the Air, Laura Marling

"Your eyes they tie me down so hard. I'll never learn to put up a guard. So keep my love my candle bright. Learn me hard, oh learn me right. This ain't no sham. I am what I am"

  • Not With Haste, Mumford & Sons

"The underdogs are my lions The silent ones are my choir. The women will be my soldiers, With the weight of life on their shoulders."

  • "I hunt the ground for empathy and hate the way it hides from me. With care and thirst I will become. You have a home in my queendom."
  • Queendom, Aurora

"So I lift myself and I close my eyes and I sing sometimes to know I'm alive. I know I should figure this out on my own. But if you come back, could you take me home." This Could Be a Dream, Aurora

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