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I scribble pretty names on torn napkins and receipts, never to be found when I seek them, though appearing when they are unnecessary. It annoys me to no end when that happens. Hence this list.


  • A dele, Adrienne, Amélie, Aisling, Amie, Annaliese, Arielle, Ariadne, Aurora
  • B riony, Bridgette, Bailey
  • C amilla, Camille, Cassandre, Cecile, Celine, Charlotte, Cheri, Chloé, Claire, Cornelia
  • D aphne, Dahlia,
  • E bony, Emileen, Estrella, Esther, Eliza, Eloise
  • F awn, Fleur
  • G enevieve, Grace
  • H ollie, Hayley
  • I mogen, Isabella, Isolde
  • J ane, Janelle, Juliette
  • K rysten, Katia
  • L acey, Lea, Liesel, Lolita
  • M ae, Mallory, Misty, Meadow, Melody, Madeline, Madison, Marcella, Marguerite, Marianne
  • N adia, Natalya, Noelle
  • O livia, Ophelia
  • P atience, Persephone, Penelope
  • R eese, Riley, Rose, Rosemary, Roselle, Rosette
  • S adine, Sage, Scarlet, Shea, Sicily, Sienna, Sofia, Summer
  • T hérèse, Tressa, Teresa
  • U
  • V enus
  • W illow
  • X
  • Y
  • Z oe, Zooey


  • A dam, Alexander, Andrew
  • B enjamin, Bryce
  • C ameron, Charlie, Claude, Colin
  • D allan, Damien, Daniel, Declan, Derek, Devin, Dorian
  • E li, Ellis, Ezra
  • F ionn (!)
  • G arrett
  • H olden, Heath, Henry
  • I van
  • J ames, Javier, Joel
  • K
  • L uke
  • M ason, Matthew
  • N athaniel, Napoleon
  • O ctavius, Oliver
  • P atrick, Pascal, Pavel, Peter
  • Q
  • R hett (!), Robert (Robbie), Rowan
  • S
  • T imothy, Tristan, Thomas (Tom, Tommy)
  • U
  • V
  • W illiam
  • X
  • Y
  • Z
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user picture catherine: i love every single name on this list!! aug 20 2010
user picture Amanda is a wild kid: i do as well, they are so romantic... sep 8 2010
user picture msabigail1: love this oct 2 2010
user picture nathalie: have you heard of the name ellery? it's a girl name. my friend just had a baby and named her ellery joy. jan 3 2013
user picture chriss: I've yet to hear Ellery, but that's a darling name! A few days ago, I had lunch with my senior-year English teacher who just had his own too - her name's Eloise Penelope (which, needless to say, did me and my list proud)