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Little Boy was born in 1996 and has lived in 8 different houses. He loves eating egg yolks, tuna, prawns and ear wax. He likes listening to the Mekons and Cyndi Lauper. He hopes to one day complete a zine about his life.

Little Boy follows:
  • Watch him bleed #1 -by Ivana Stab
  • Sutures -by Amanda
  • Love letters to monsters #3/Alabama grrrl #9 -by Ciara & Ailecia
  • Ladybeard -by Maddy Phelan
  • Sing me to sleep: An annotated bibliography of sad boy songs -by Paul Byron
  • Disposable camera -by Vanessa Berry
  • Mind dump -by The Fetus
  • Asylum #1/High on burning photographs #5 - Matt & Ocean
  • Tower of journal - by Emma Markala
  • Hugh: stories about whoring, from an anarchist leaning, erotic, pseudo-neurotic, homo - by Hugh
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