‘‘my place is always the pipeline along the border / my dream is still forbidden, dancing where no one sees’’

    • yun

‘‘i'm still life / yeah, can't lock me in the frame, i'm movin', yeah-eh / i'm still life / life is better than the death, i'll prove it’’

    • still life

‘‘i'll take care of myself with my eyes wide open / haters, close your eyes / if you don't want to see my life / it's hard to watch a dream with your eyes open / ya, feel me?’’

    • all day

‘‘i keep forgetting about yesterday /...

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‘‘all the hate i know, is used to fuel my soul / all the hate i know, Is used to heal my soul’’

    • seek & destroy

‘‘if you see me out in public, you don't know me, keep it silent / in the bedroom, i be screamin', but outside, i keep it quiet’’

    • low

‘‘it's so embarrassing / all of the things i need living inside of me [...] all of the love i seek living inside of me / i can't see, i'm blind’’

    • blind

‘‘trying to find deeper meaning in nonsense / trying to grow without hating th...

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