things i love ˎˊ-

flowers, the sun, orange and yellow, fall, coffee, romance, books, fashion, stickers, sweet tea, gold jewelry, corduroy jackets, bunnies, dogs, photography, sun items, stuffed animals, random acts of kindness, cowgirl hats n boots, fleetwood mac

things i dislike ˎˊ-

liars and dishonesty, incessantness, roaches, thunder, itchiness, rain, honey, third wheeling, dry texters, superiority complexes, artificial light, greasy hair, oily face, vomit, harmful acne, dryness, bugs with too many legs, smoking, monotone voices, pettiness

jul 20 2020 ∞
nov 26 2023 +

music: fleetwood mac, daisy jones and the six, the cure, the smiths, heart, ozuna, hers

hobbies: reading, gardening, listening to music, creating lists, sketching, decorating

media: friends, greys anatomy, how to lose a guy in 10 days, the walking dead, where the crawdads sing

misc: pinterest browsing, book shopping, hanging out with friends, playlist making, creating outfits, photography, romance novels, art museums, plushies, dancing

sep 28 2022 ∞
nov 24 2023 +

—— whenever i'm alone with you, you make me feel like i am home again.

    • marah. she/her. esfj.
    • virgo sun, leo rising
    • fashion enthusiast ˎˊ-
dec 26 2019 ∞
oct 22 2023 +
jan 16 2023 ∞
oct 23 2023 +
  • accessory ⇢ bangles
  • album ⇢ mirage, fleetwood mac
  • angel number ⇢ 222
  • animal ⇢ golden retrievers
  • article of clothing ⇢ cowgirl boots
  • book genre ⇢ romance, thriller
  • book ⇢ silent patient
  • brand ⇢ miniso
  • character ⇢ phoebe buffay
  • color ⇢ tiger orange
  • crystal ⇢ tigers eye
  • day of the week ⇢ thursday
  • decade ⇢ 1970's
  • dessert ⇢ macarons
  • display of affection ⇢ putting my leg on theirs
  • drink ⇢ watermelon celsius
  • film ⇢ how to lose a guy in 10 days
  • flower ⇢ tiger lily's
  • food ⇢ sushi
  • fruit ⇢ cherries
  • game ⇢ minecraft
mar 23 2021 ∞
nov 26 2023 +
  • some people might not be happy for your changes and success because you remind them that they aren't changing.
  • they may leave you, and when they do, inhale, exhale, see, you were breathing long before them and you will breathe long after.
  • be a good person but dont waste time to prove it.
  • choose wisely where to spend your energy – not your past but your future.
  • live the day like it's your last
  • shame and guilt are not necessary components of your recovery process--we naturally experience when we fall short, but we do not have to feed into them. we do not have to let them define chapters of our lives. we don't have to wait until we're "doing better" to release them.
  • love when you're ready, not when you're lonely
sep 12 2022 ∞
oct 22 2023 +