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dm for plots and pre-established relationships!

  • name: yang hongseok / 양홍석。
  • occupation: webtoon artist。
  • birthday: april 17, 1994。
  • sexuality: pansexual。
  • status: single。
  • family background: rich, but prefers the simple life。
  • power: plunder - looting someone's power by taking over the body for normally 5 seconds, can take over the body longer but must not exceed in 3 hours.
  • weakness: body is unconscious while taking over the body, some memories might get erased when overused.
  • powers he got to loot: teleportation, invisibility, time travel.
  • teleportation: might faint when overused, hard to control, might end up in another place- but near to the location he wants to end up in.
  • invisibility: can only be invisible for a...
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yang hongseok was born in april 17, 1994 at busan, south korea. ever since he was young, he already knew he can take over bodies. but he only knew he can loot powers when he was at age 14- someone was about to be bumped by a car but he took over the body, so the person won't end up dying. seems like the person had the power of teleportation, and that's how he ended up knowing he can loot powers.

ever since he was a child, hongseok liked to draw. he became the school newspaper's editorial cartoonist for his great hand and drawing skills. because it was his passion, hongseok pursued to be a webtoon artist- with three famous works. the titles of his works are "fading out", "cherry blossoms" and "hallucinations."

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°• personality: a+。

  • caring.
  • dedicated.
  • hardworking.
  • selfless.
  • artistic.

°• personality: b。

  • quiet.

°• personality: c-。

  • awkward.
  • slow, doesn't get stuff or jokes easily.
  • forgetful.

°• trivia: thumbs up。

  • food, especially ramen.
  • meat.
  • pepero.
  • books.
  • english.
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  • gmt +8.
  • plotting and pre-established relationships are life.
  • any pov is fine, but prefers 3rd.
  • kinda busy bc school.
  • prefers plotting rather than winging it.
  • i don't bite.
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  • BUMP! (teleportation - available) hongseok was trying to practice on how to teleport, but he and y/n ends up bumping to each other. seems like they ended up in the exact, same location. both tired and starving, hongseok treats y/n to the nearest fast food chain.


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