“because, underneath it all, crowley was an optimist. if there was one rock-hard certainty that had sustained him through the bad times-he thought briefly of the fourteenth century-then it was utter surety that he would come out on top; that the universe would look after him.”

mia 020925 · ela/d'ele, they/them · autistic · entp · pt-br/eng

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cinema, painting, music, all kinds of visual arts, any shade of green, photography, asmr, collecting toys, making lists, lorde, the sun, 70's & 80's pop culture, quiet places, cats, oversized t-shirts, being a shawol, doll customization, bunnies, lip gloss, surrealism, coffee and tea, sitcoms, glitter, bats, singing out loud, tangerines, comic books, horror stuff, guitars, venus flytraps, podcasts, baking.

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