<3 — crows, gift giving, vampires, pop punk, coffee and black tea, detective stories, the moon, rain, math, philosophy, earth tones, cats, the taste of advil, my electric guitar, outer space, classical music, sharing earbuds, impressionism, taking the scenic route, jupiter, the stars

</3 — nostalgia, highways, tv static, untidiness, bright colors, children, ginger, hiccups, honey, loud chewing, open fields, sunglasses, sweet foods, the smell of gasoline, humidity, overlapping voices, small talk, the countryside, being babied, ephemera, cloves, anti-intellectualism, the past and future, empty apologies

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dear gravity, you held me down in this starless city.


    • they/them ⋆ jupiter luvr
    • intj, 5w6, chol-mel
    • rcoei, sp/so, fob enjoyer
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annotated sheet music, using playing cards as bookmarks, danse macabre by camille saint-saëns, calloused fingertips, jet black crows, sharing earbuds, crooked smiles, doodling on notes, coffee-stained teeth, bloody lips, moths, drawing on bandages, planetariums & art museums, foggy glasses, origami cranes, unkempt hair, subtle acts of love, band tees, paint-covered hands, paramore

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