main interests

  • ARKNIGHTS — this game is literally on my mind 24/7
    • gacha games + amateur pc gamer (valorant)
  • NFL — cincinnati bengals, daniel jones (nyg)
  • NIJISANJIfuwa, genzuki, akira, dokuzuhonsha
  • k-pop too i guess, i'm jaded though so i don't care as much lately

more stuff

  • general: astrology, biology, cuisine, music, museums, travel, writing
  • variety shows: 15ya/tvn shows, 2d1n, food/travel-related
  • game shows: dropout tv, british panel shows (ex: wilty, qi)
  • universes: tolkien alliterative verse, mcu to an extent
  • mangas over animes sorry i don't have any kind of attention span
oct 4 2020 ∞
mar 20 2023 +