music (western artists): the maine, flatsound, mitski, japanese breakfast, whatever new wave emo band twitter is talking about

anime: precure series (yellow cures <3), love live! series (nico & yoshiko <3), death note, mp100, any key visual arts anime

youtube: markiplier; mejoo and cats, creamheroes, flatbush cats; nyangsoop; watcher ; jack edwards, uncarley, the book leonie

streamers: tuonto, antonychenn, dish

games: genshin impact (venti ganyu <3), rpg maker games + horror (ib my beloved), bts world, bang dream!/bandori (ako & kokoro <3), llsif

podcasts: all the space in between, wtnv, something was wrong

kdrama: CURRENTLY: vincenzo + eaw

dec 14 2020 ∞
aug 11 2022 +