this is gonna be my year (hopefully) / i need to get my shit together first / played monopoly with my parents for hours / looking for jobs / spider-man movies marathon / soju, korean hot dogs and japanese toasts with mom / walks around the city and pink skies / won tickets to go see scream 5 / sold more clothes / euphoria is finally back / cold days / downloaded sims 3 and i'm obsessed again / unmotivated :( / trying to get out of a slump / cleaned my room and got rid of some things / got sick / walks with mom


spent the day making air dry clay things / kdramas and series / thinking about starting my own business / went out with my parents / korean hot dogs with mom / went to my grandma's house with my parents and we spent the day helping her with the room / junkfood / crying over all of us are dead / a chill bday with my family / mom got me new books <3 / stay alive by yoonkook!!! i'm obsessed / watched the sunset at the beach with my parents / more books / watching the haunting of hill house with mom / learning new languages / why is adulting so hard i wanna be 16 again


fell in love with makeup all over again / went to a carnaval parade with mom / organized my closet / working on cultivating new healthy habits / everything gives me anxiety lately / reunited with marcia <3 / korean food and walks around the park / went to a fair with my parents and marcia / carts and mcdonald's at 2am / sold more clothes / so tired of the rain i want summer already / online shopping with mom / my sleeping schedule just keeps getting worse / slowly rebuilding my wardrobe / i need to enjoy life more / junkfood and deep talks with mom / big changes coming soon


made pasta with shrimps / shopping with my parents / sold more clothes finally / updated my resume / oreo milkshake and shopping for skincare with mom / trying to take care of myself more / dyed my hair red again / walking around lisboa with mom / spent easter with grandma / binge watching bridgerton for kate and anthony / learned how to make korean hot dogs!! / reading, writing and going out / sleep deprived but still alive / read the darkest minds and fell in love with the story all over again <3


obsessing over heartstopper i would literally die for nick and charlie / car rides and hamburgers / trying to get out of the routine / working out again / read at the beach and then watched the sunset with my parents / buying books makes me so happy / adulting is hard / existential crisis / teen wolf marathon / doing more adult things and shopping with mom / dinner out with my parents / stranger things is back!! / spending more time with dad


i love when people buy me books <3 / there's so much shit happening what the fuck / a lot of book recommendations / arraiais and bifanas with mom / i miss my friends so much / bts cb!!! / spent the whole night out / in a reading slump :( / some days are better than others / i feel soooo dumb sometimes lol / went shopping with mom again / cabeça a mil / walking around the city looking for second hand book stores and cute sticky tabs / trying to be consistent with my workouts / jungkook ft charlie puth!!! / still looking for jobs / family dinner and dad's birthday / things need to change


started the month with j-hope's solo!! / finishing books / dinner out and shots with my parents / a lot of junkfood / it's way too hot lately / making caipirinhas and going to the fair / i missed this kind of adrenaline / i'm loving my skin lately / finally enjoying summer like i should / finding new places and sunbathing a lot / sorting my playlists / beach days / a lot of car trips / hobipalooza!!!! / i'm gonna miss spending my days in a bikini


obsessed with newjeans' album / "new month new me" but this time is for real / went running with dad / journaling / read and watched the sunset at the beach / finally sold more clothes / still trying to get out of my comfort zone / going out alone isn't so bad honestly / too many snacks / giving my clothes a new life / finished stranger things s4 )))): / a lot of youtube videos / painted and changed my room again / sometimes i really do hate myself / bought new clothes and cute stationery / i need to get out more


ikea family trip / bought new stuff for my room / feeling like a shitty friend but trying to do better / watching a lot of tv shows / had lunch with mom and went to a book fair after / bought 3 new books <3 / then i picked a scooter and she rode a bike around the park / rainy days / dinner out with my parents / binge watching sex education / worst cramps i've ever had / sick and sad :( / true crime series / went to the fair with my parents and bought new plants / helped mom decorate their room / still a homebody


spooky season is finally here!!!! / kinda excited for fall / i need a new routine /

jan 1 2022 ∞
sep 30 2022 +