past and present

  • Harry Potter
    • particularly Slytherins, pureblood families, and/or Death Eaters
  • Star Wars
    • especially the prequel/Clone Wars era
    • obsessed with the Robert's Rebellion era
  • Superwhoslayerlock (tumblr warped my brain)
    • the chaotic potential of Dean Winchester, Faith Lehane, Spike, and Jack Harkness
  • genealogy
    • with a particular interest in my maternal grandmother's family and scouring all branches of my family tree for obscure names
  • London
  • names
  • pediatric cancers
    • statistics, treatments, symptoms, hospitals, prominent doctors and researchers
  • ancient Egypt
    • the Amarna Period! I wrote fanfiction about Akhenaten and Nefertiti's daughters and little Tutankhaten when I was in elementary school lmao
    • mummification: I brought a massive tome on mummification to school in third grade and showed the diagrams to my classmates. This did not go well.
  • the almost 600-page first draft of a novel I churned out over the course of a year
sep 28 2022 ∞
oct 7 2022 +