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mais real do que gosto de pensar, menos poética do que gosto de soar.

    • jessica; jess; jessie
    • 28 y/o, she/her, bisexual


    • first: sasunaru;
    • a loyal badger; a fearsome dragon;
    • i really, really love villains, anti-heros & psycho characters;
    • i love animation movies/series so much you wouldn't believe;
    • a little nerd (books, animes, series, games, comics, movies) but not that much;
    • i used to like/stan kpop. now, i don't have the time or patience to do it anymore. still, i believe that this little thing is the best person to ever exist and we don't deserve him; wang jackson taught me how to be soft & kind even when life is hard.
    • what makes me happy: animals, child, laugh loud, good food, be with my family&friends, tea, the shape of clouds, music;
    • i'm a nice person until you hit the wrong button :)


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