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    • week 1enter the day - patrick wolf; started watching house m.d.; lots of online co-op jigsaw puzzles assembling with alex, damie and, sometimes, gabi < 3; obsession; revisited kafka's the metamorphosis; baked a cake.
    • week 2 › indulging in bad habits; gave in and took a step back; minecraft; just feeling like doing nothing but agonize; sick for a couple of days; "oh, what am i doing?" moments; frivolities; closure, and i mean it this time.
    • week 3 › picking myself up; patrick wolf's lycanthropy album; house m.d.; lots of group calls; true blue - boygenius; damie drew me a dove and i love it so much; started reading lapvona; rewatched sebastiane for st. sebastian's day!; the new moon, a reset.
    • week 4 › james dean; oscar nominations & watchlist; restless all the time; feeling lonely; minecraft; nowhere game - patrick wolf; everything's off; lapvona; epiphanies.
    • week 5 › finished reading lapvona; played cursed mode gartic with alex, damie and gabi! so much fun; just trying not to let everything crumble again; made my friends watch top gun: maverick and it was an experience.
    • week 6 › watched the grammy's with alex just because; reading fanfiction; you lost that loving feeling; heaven or las vegas; the prospect of things working out for me.
    • week 7 › storm in a teacup or something; house m.d.; writing attempts; unchained melody - the righteous brothers; rain; feeling overwhelmed all the time; watched letters to juliet with alex and damie < 3; went to the movies to see avatar: the way of water.
    • week 8 › spent most of the days playing minecraft with alex and damie. it's fine; anxious optimism; house m.d.; junk food :-P; cosiest night ever surrounded by things i love; watched the banshees of inisherin (loved it!).
    • week 9 › sag awards; i actually got admitted to college. it's happening; made strawberry jam; finished watching the first season of house m.d. (only took me two months); watched tár.
    • week 10 › watched the first season of succession. i'm obsessed; losing my mind just a little; the sims 4; done with watching this year's best picture nominees; so, so nervous about going to college. but also excited.
    • week 11 › the oscars; raining cats and dogs; college's introduction week; season two of succession; feeling alone and miserable; saved by the waterboys' this is the sea album < 3.
    • week 12 › autumn equinox; first actual college classes; getting into the swing of things; marc bloch; getting to hang out with my friends for the first time in a while; it's 2023 and i'm playing among us again; succession; dumbass.
    • week 13 › watched aftersun; the rain; season three of succession; so much going on inside of me, i can feel myself changing in real time (weird! but true);
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