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i got the job! / doing an amazing job for my first day of work! bonded with the kids, they like me already :,) / building my perfume collection (with the help of my momma) / feeling more bright recently / having the best valentines day ever, especially with 30 minute yoga w my friends and starting the dance at lunch / getting my first paycheck! i’m so proud of myself / miami zoo trip! / watching the bob marley movie and crying over how much it touched my heart


celebrating new years w shandy! / its like im living in a romance book oh my. / removing negativity / connecting w my religion more / picking up music! / getting my beautiful guitar / putting my ipad to use / getting into the driving program! / avatar! / focusing on my hair n getting it to its waviest potential / loving my friends sm / on a journey to clear skin! / focusing on my goals / driving! sm fun / loving my friends unconditionally and letting in new experiences <3

jan 7 2024 ∞
mar 17 2024 +