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  • here, i love you. pablo neruda.
  • phases of the moon. alice towey.
  • the house of asterion. jorge luis borges.
  • the night the river meets the sky. lina rather.
  • optimism. jane hirshfield.
  • sun, moon, and wretched star. ashley deng.
  • the staircase to the moon. m. k. hutchins.
  • the journey. mary oliver.
  • every day is a wide field, every page. naomi shihab.
  • success is counted sweetest. emily dickinson.
  • those we see at the twilight bridge. wendy nikel.
  • the sun. mary oliver.
  • drinking alone in the moonlight. li po.
  • in the field where stories meet. virginia m. mohlere.
  • love poem near the end of the world. stephen dunn.
  • how dark the beginning. maggie smith.
  • my mother was an undertaker. emjay em.
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