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  • i am in a wonderful romantic relationship with liam hemsworth (for some reason). later, dad is helping me board up the windows of my house with cardboard
  • winning squidcraft. later i miss my bus in the city but i still find mom and tanja next to some lockers. we then go to a breakfast shop to get some delicious scrambled eggs and fresh bread rolls that smell fantastic.
  • ♡ watching a video where george kisses dream lovingly, i gasp and want to show tanja.
  • i am in a movie in a school, i am the main character (sandman?) and i have a shotgun and a pistol, and i know how to use them. i fight against someone, at one point hiding in a bathroom and checking if i still have ammunition left. later there are many kitties, and also my pet dragon (?)
  • seeing many luxury houses that look like objects (e.g. chair) and toys (e.g. playmobil house), and wanting to move into them. then writing down my dream.
  • ⚑ me and tanja are in my childhood bedroom, she says the famous poisonous "ice queen" is there. i look, expecting a big spider, but it's a butterfly/moth. it flies into my face (and i wake up)
  • thetwif is in an episode of a tv show i'm watching, she is being interviews about her childhood. i say to tanja "yeah, she told me that too, once"
  • ♡ i start a new minecraft server and build a water elevator. george, sapnap, tina and a few others join me, and i am so happy they choose my server as their next main server to play on. i promise them to add some anti-griefing plugins, and they say it's a good idea. sapnap hums a love song while making eyecontact with me.
  • ♡ me and others are in a swimming pool. two men in the pool have bleeding hands. one of them leaves, fleeing to the restroom. i follow. it's robert pattinson. i take his bleeding hands gently and tell him to rest.

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