• and I built a cage to hide in. I'm hiding, I'm trying to battle the night.
  • I'm scared and I'm brave, or somewhere between the two. I'm beautifully strong and tragically confused.
  • if I get a little prettier can I be your baby?
  • just a small town girl livin' in a lonely world
  • she's got dreams too big for this town
  • underneath darkened sky there's a light kept alive
  • you don't need to save me but would you run away with me?
  • do your best to trust all your rays of light
  • everybody wants the best for you but you've gotta want it for yourself
  • why be a wallflower when you can be a venus flytrap?
  • it's a new state of mind
  • I'm in love with my future. can't wait to meet her.
oct 2 2014 ∞
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