• Don't Look Under the Bed I don't really know why this is my favorite Disney Channel movie. Probably a combination of plot, characters, and the fact that it scared the cocoa puffs out of me. It was so serious for a kids movie. The little brother had leukemia! And the music was so creepy.
  • Brink This movie is made of win. Besides featuring super-cute Erik von Detten, it's full of such quotable quotes! "As big as you want," for example.
  • Zenon: Girl of the 21st Century Cutest movie ever. I loved watching this futuristic film about a girl who lives on a "spay-stay". The ficitional band was pretty awesome as well. Zoom zoom zoom! I remember the 2nd one being alright and I don't remember seeing the 3rd one at all.
  • Cadet Kelly Hilary Duff plays a hippyish California girl who has to learn how to survive in military school. It's really fun to watch Christy Carlson Romano play such a bitch, and the drill team choreography is really cool. Plus it has that really cute guy from In a Heartbeat/ Animorphs haha. ;)
  • Smart House "I'm going to delete you for this, Pat!" Love it.
  • Wish Upon A Star Two sisters in high school who magically switch bodies and learn to appreciate each other, blah blah blah. It's such a cute movie though. Who knew Katherine Heigl would be so big!
  • Motocrossed Suspending your disbelief that a GUY wouldn't notice that his friend is really a chick, this movie wasn't bad. It broke gender stereotypes and showed girls that they shouldn't worry about not being super feminine.
  • Halloweentown I wasn't really into the sequels but I really enjoyed this movie. I think it's pretty original and it's fun to watch.
  • Stepsister from Planet Weird "I fear the wind!" Alien girl who's really a bubble. Weirdest thing ever but fun movie.
  • Up, Up, and Away This was kind of a legit movie. A kid from a family of superheros, except he hasn't gotten his powers yet but he saves the day anyway. It's cute. I like the whole plotline with the fake environment group who are actually trying to brainwash kids minds to get them to steal their parents money.

Notable movies that didn't make the cut: Rip Girls, The Other Me, Hounded, Genius, Double Teamed, Quints, Miracle in Lane 2, The Color of Friendship

Notes: Apparently Hocus Pocus was a made for TV movie but I never considered it one. It would obviously be #1 if I included it in the list. Also, I was wondering why I couldn't find the original Seventeen Again (not the Zac Efron one- the one with all 3 Mowry siblings), and it turns out it was made for TV, but for Showtime not Disney. That would've made the list too.

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