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  • Red Rock Brewery
    • for the gigantic fried mozzarella-stuffed marinara portobello mushroom and the smoked salmon with cream cheese and capers and the beer crackers and the Jack Mormons
  • Osaka
    • for the sushi, the miso soup, and for Nancy the Owner who always stops by to say hi to us
  • Maestro's (RIP)
    • for the gelato, but mostly for the chocolate latte (clouds and heaven in a cup)
  • Spark Lounge (RIP)
    • for the Christmas-in-a-glass and the Shirley Temples with the cotton candy and for the little "tastes" from the kitchen
  • Eva
    • for the spinach gnocchi and the white pizza and the paper lanterns on the tiny tiny patio
  • Communal
    • for the warm atmosphere and the tables that are big enough to hold all the dishes and the trout with lemon aioli
  • Pizzeria 712
    • for the wine and the pizza margherita and the glass water bottles with the plastic stoppers and the hibiscus lemonade
  • Biaggi's (RIP)
    • for the insane chicken-artichoke-balsamic-vinegar thing
  • Trio
    • for the patio and the cedar-plank salmon
  • Plum Alley (RIP?)
    • for the pork belly buns and the red onion pickles
  • The Copper Onion
    • for the deconstructed poutine
  • Sixth and Pine
    • for the turkey reuben and the amazing Arnold Palmers and the sweet potato fries with garlic aioli and the adorable servers
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