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tachyon: a hypothetical particle that travels faster than the speed of light

tachyonic follows:
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  • Island
  • Large Tree
    • Treehouse?
    • Bird Feeder Collection
    • Upside-down Lightbulb Ornaments
  • Pointy Roofs
    • Rooftop Garden
    • Ladder
  • Wind Wheel beside Chimney
    • Shapes exhaust from chimney into cool shapes
  • Greenhouse attached
  • X-Wing Mailbox
  • Loose-Leaf Tea Collection
    • Stored in Glass Jars
  • LEGO Table
  • Office
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  • Collect bird feeders.
  • Grow a large tree from a seed and decorate with bird feeder collection.
  • Make a blanket fort in a crater on the moon.
  • Live on a small island powered by renewable energy sources.
  • See a black hole in person during the late stages of a terminal illness.
  • Paint on a large canvas on the floor of a small apartment while wearing paint-stained overalls.
  • Have a tiny garden on the roof of a tall building, in the middle of a large city.
  • Become a photography hobbyist.
  • Invent a cloud-making machine.
  • Invent a cloud-shaping machine.
  • Put the above next to each other... super-awesome cloud factory!
  • Be someone's Bestman.
  • Make (and move into) Howl's Moving Castle...
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